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Ochudo trained as an Architect, Speaker, Interior Designer and a Mindset Makeover Coach with certification in Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management. She's a member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON).

  • The Architect
    She also serves on the board of as a director of Shades of Seven, a dynamic design firm which brings unique solutions based on results for client needs.

  • The Mindset Coach
    She will help you gain clarity, discard obsolete thinking, learnt helplessness and shackles that get in the way of having a more successful, happy fulfilling life and business.

  • The Interior Design
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  • The Author
    Her articles have been published in Top 25 Magazines and Poize Magazine.

  • The Speaker
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Watch the Impact in my Client's life

Ochudo Ayi and her Team offers coaching for groups and one on one, mentorship and can be contacted for speaking engagements, live events, workshops, training and facilitation are provided for overall improvement of life and business. More
To offer coaching and training to develop, inspire, motivate, train, empower, impact and advocate for young people to find valuable resources that will help them develop progressive mindsets , discard obsolete thinking and let go of limiting beliefs so that they can operate at their most profitable state of mind.
To be the foremost reliable platform that enables people to attain their best version so that they can create the lifestyle and wealth they truly deserve.
Personal Quotes
"Ever"If you remain unstirred by life, your substance will calicify. Do not let your gifting calcify" - Ochudo Ayi. Everything you want is on the other side of fear – George Addair
The Architect
As an architect, Ochudo offers professional advice and bespoke design services to clients in order to “create a space they didn’t know they needed”. also serves on the board of as a director of Shades of Seven, a dynamic design firm which brings unique solutions based on results for client needs.
The Mindset Coach
As a Mindset Makeover Coach, she has a way of making others face their fears and move past their boundaries. She uses her coaching abilities to find fun and engaging ways of developing, inspiring, motivating, empowering and advocating for young people to peel back the layers of fear and learnt helplessness and become the best versions of themselves.

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“Anybody can succeed if they are well nurtured.”

What People Say About Me.

  • Mrs C. O

    Mindset Class

    "I am super excited and grateful to you. My business is kicking back in 3 days. Early this week, I made $1500 (Dollars not Naira o!) Thank you ma….especially for the mindset class"
  • Mrs. M

    Mindset Class

    "Thank you for the response. I have never been this clear on what I want in my life like this. It has been an awesome time. Did I tell you what happened to me three weeks back? For some time now there has been low orders on Konga and I needed money. I remembered a close mouth is a closed destiny so I started speaking to my neighbours. It was amazing that in just a week I sold almost all the perfumes I had at that time. Without a single sale on Konga I was able to make N350, 000. If I had kept quiet this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to more opportunities."