Ochudo Ayi trained as an Architect, Interior Designer and a Mindset Makeover Coach with certification in Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management.

As an architect Ochudo offers professional advice and bespoke design services to clients in order to “create a space they didn’t know they needed”.

As a Mindset Makeover Coach, she has a way of making others face their fears and move past their boundaries.

Arch. Ochudo Ayi uses her coaching abilities to find fun and engaging ways of developing, inspiring, motivating, empowering and advocating for young people to peel back the layers of fear and learnt helplessness and become the best versions of themselves.

She will help you  gain clarity, discard obsolete thinking, learnt helplessness and shackles that get in the way of having a more successful, happy fulfilling life and business.

Creative Lair: Mindset, Business and Lifestyle

Ochudo is the convener of the Facebook group: The Creative Lair: Mindset, Business and Lifestyle community.

The The Creative Lair: Mindset, Business and Lifestyle  community is a high net worth and premium community where she and other resourceful individuals mentor and groom others to become more efficient and profitable in their careers and business ventures.

One of her hallmark products is the Fireside Chats which is a weekly show on the Facebook group.

She offers coaching for groups and one on one, mentor-ship and can be contacted for speaking engagements, live events, workshops, training and facilitation are provided for overall improvement of life and business.

She runs The Creative Lair Maker-Spaces, a training and Co-working facility and currently serving on the board of as a director of Shades of Seven, a dynamic design firm which brings unique solutions based on results for client needs.

Arch. Ochudo has a bit of public sector worked  in public service over the years.

Ochudo loves to travel, swim and enjoys documentary and conversations.

She is happily married with children and lives in Nigeria.