Recently I was privileged to rub minds with a young lady. As usual, after the pleasantries the real reason for our meet came up.  I wanted to know if she was willing to take a look at a business opportunity to see if it would be a perfect fit for her….and she blurted out “I don’t want to work o, I do not like anything that would give me stress”.

“How old are you?” I asked?


“You have an ailment perhaps” I queried


“What would you rather do?” I continued

“My dream job is to work in the civil service where I won’t be put under pressure to do anything and still be paid at the end of the month”

Shocked …now don’t go pulling that look on me…… that is the mind of the 21st century Nigerian. The average one anyway. They shun work and consider themselves smart when they are able to avoid work and still be paid for nothing.

A mediocre mindset if you ask me.

There are things we must do because we can do them. There is a life we must live because its available. There are monies to be made because it needs to be made. There is work that we must do because it is the only way to fulfill purpose. must be done.

The thing about the universe is that you can’t cheat it. It’s not about the fabulous social media posts or the mind-blowing rhymes from your latest write up. The work you put into pursuing your God given purpose in secret is what you are reward for. That can’t be faked …..The results that is…

What you fail to do in the morning you will pay for in the afternoon or evening of your life.

If you do not work, you should not eat say the scriptures.

Embrace work while you still can. For a time comes when you will want to work but will be unable to.

Work is good. Work because you can. Those muscles of fame and fortune can’t build themselves. They need the rail tracks of work to take you there.

My frequent engagement with 21st century minds have opened me up to a world of information I never knew was possible. Research has shown that xxxxx amount of information is googled each day……now that is awfully difficult to comprehend. So that means answers to almost anything you can imagine is out there. You just need to find it.

Pearls are never found on the sea shore. It requires some intense search. Tools time and knowledge are needed to know where to check. When you now know where to check, you have to make sure you are fit to go underwater. God help you if you have never tried diving to the seabed…… you are going to have to learn the hard way.

One of the bitter truths I have learnt as I became a young adult was that there are certain dues you must pay in life. One of the mandatory ones is to learn. Another is to work….. Work…….sends cold chills down 80% of people….. it’s name , its nature, its purpose, the very idea of it. It is loathed by many, abhorred by others, embraced by a few, loved by even fewer.