Make 2019 your Most Profitable Year Yet. Final!!!

I was getting into my car when I saw Alero. She was looking distracted. When I asked her what the issue was, she said had many unanswered questions. We decided to schedule a meeting. When we met, she narrated an all too familiar story.

For the last 3 years, she has started out every year by attending a cross over service. She has written out what she hoped to achieve in the incoming year, said little prayers around the wishes and dropped them on the alters or threw them in bonfires. Let God deal with how they were going to happen. Her part was done.

We talked about the upcoming “Beginning of the Year” Fast to hear from God what his plans are for us as well as which direction to take. Alero was optimistic and was ready to start crushing her goals. The fast was the remaining puzzle not so?

I listened sadly as she spoke. I once thought like that. I had lots of faith but no corresponding action. Like Alero, I believed all I had to do was pray and fast. Then I waited for my goals to come to pass. How that was to happen, I didn’t really know. Sometimes I made an attempt but I seemed not to be able to achieve much. My wishes remained just that … wishes. What was responsible for that was no longer in God’s hands but in mine.

Like I shared with Alero that evening, there is a whole lot more to make goals happen. My mentors and coaches put me on the right path. Goal-setting isn’t magical, there is a science and an art to it.

The goals you desire can finally begin to produce results. God had done his part

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? 
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Do you try hard yet your goals always seem overwhelming?
Are you suffering from analysis paralysis? 
All talk and no action?

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