This time last year what were you thinking?

This time last year what were you doing?

This time last year how were you living?

This time last year what did you know?

This time last year who did you know?

This time last year who were you?

This time last year I was not happy with the state of things in my life. I had been working on a business for 6 years and had just realized I wasn’t making any major progress in that area. I had a working career that had spanned over 18 years cumulatively and it seemed I was no nearer my goals. I seemed to be moving farther away from the life I envisioned for myself. The more I thought about it the bleaker my future seemed to me so I decided to seek help.

Many times, you may not want another person to help you but you may need it. Instead of struggling alone get help. The help I sought brought me so much clarity and validation.  Now I know better and I have embraced my desire to help people become the best versions of themselves.

What are you struggling with as we plan for 2019?

What will this time look like for you next year?

Will the goals you are setting find life or will they die just like the other ones you set in previous years?

You don’t have to struggle alone. There is help.

On the 8th of December 2018, from 10am – 2pm, I will be hosting 15 people who want to ensure 2019 will be their best year. We will peel back the layers that are clouding your decision making, expose the lie you have believed about yourself and get you winning your 2019 goals.

This isn’t a motivational meet up, though I believe in that. This is a clarity workshop. For a cost of N5,000, you get to start winning your 2019 goals now. The first 5 people get a gift so HURRY and signup in the link below.

so that this time next year, you are a better version of what you are currently.